As an Independent, as you may know, this campaign will also require a strong and organized grassroots organization. I have already spoken with many of you, have carefully listened to your concerns, and I am eager to work with you.

I have family and friends that are Democrat and Republican. I have never belonged to the Republican nor Democrat political establishments. I had challenged both Republicans and Democrats as an Independent candidate, when I knew and experienced injustices, and felt the clear and present danger to our economy, families, democracy, national security, environment, and communities.

I created a pro-business owner internet initiative called WWW.GOVERNOR.BUSINESS for small and large business owners like you, and for other concerned stakeholders in our communities. I am paying for our election for California Governor. I know and appreciate the hard work that is needed to run a technology startup, a Christian educational nonprofit and a Gubernatorial campaign for California. Too much regulation that is confusing and excessive taxation are forcing hard-working entrepreneurs out of business. Job creation happens with businesses like yours, and I am here to work for as your next California Governor. I will fight not to raise taxes, and I will draft legislation for a smaller government.

That is why I am inviting businesses like you who want our government to return to what it originally was meant to be - a representative form of government for ordinary people like you and me. Join me and help make a real difference for California businesses and our communities. Our democracy needs you more than ever. We are not here to ask the business owners or other people for their hard-earned money that career politicians always do, that have done so much harm to our working middle class, economy, and democracy, intentionally or unintentionally.

I am and always have been a self-funded Independent candidate. I have not and will not accept money, directly or indirectly, from superPACs, lobbyists, or foreign governments. I am running for California Governor with my money, so why can't the other candidates do the same? Without people like you running a business, there is no job creation. Period. I'm here to fight to keep our communities safe, prosperous and keep hard working Californian entrepreneurs open for business!

I created GOVERNOR.BUSINESS because I mean business.

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support. I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me today,
I want to know your
concerns, suggestions, and expectations.
I am here to get the job done!